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 Clip Board
About Us
Ningbo Bud Stationery Manufacturing Co.,Ltd is situated in Ninghai, Ningbo. Founded in 1996 and after 19 years’ effort, it has grown into a modern and professional manufacturer engaging in producing and selling stationery. Its products include alum, zinc and plastic pencil sharpeners, rulers, protractor and square, etc. of over 500 varieties. The company has developed a new 3D-mould-manufacturing process. We are able to create any kind of mould to adjust to customers’ demands.

The company now employs more than 500 employees and owns total assets of ¥100 million, building area of over 21000 m2 and total area of 23,000 m2.

The company has a modern Quality-Management, certified according to ISO9001 (2001 version) and has won support from customers all over the world.

Ningbo Bud Stationery Manufacturing Co., Ltd is heading for the future with firm steps and is ready for challenges of the new century.

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